What is your soul constitution?

It’s an agreement you made with yourself.

The most incredible thing about human life is that it can’t be replicated. Each person is unique, no two are ever the exact same.

You are an individual expression of patterns of being.

You have your own constitution, a settled condition to be here on Earth.

Each moment holds an alignment of energy and the moment of your birth has a set of unique patterns and frequencies culminating in your auric field.

Astrology is a symbolic language for understanding human nature and energetic patterns of behavior.

The natal birth chart is a map of your soul’s constitution and a guide to track the cycles of experience in your life.



soul consitution astrology reading

60 min / $150

In the reading we look at the planets as archetypes living inside us, what the characteristics of personality are and where they play out in your life. 

By looking at relationships that the planets have with each other at that moment of birth we can see where you face challenges and where you have strong skills. 

As we cycle through the seasons the planets transit our chart and we will go over the current cycles you are having and how they relate to your life today.

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I am an Astrologer based in Queens, NY. I practice the sacred art of Astrology using the natal birth chart as a map of our soul’s intent to bring deeper awareness to the strengths and challenges we all have.

In 2009 I was gifted an Astrology reading and was amazed by the accurate assessment of my character and life story. From that moment I started studying and have never stopped. Today I have worked with thousands of people all over the world helping them to remember the amazing unique human that they chose to be. You already know everything I tell you in a reading but my gift is to reflect it back to you in a way that confirms and respects the original intent of your soul’s constitution. I am honored to be doing this work and grateful to every soul who shares their journey with me.

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